Junior Guidelines

Junior Guidelines


Please note, there have been some changes to the guidelines for this season.

 Irish Squash Junior Secretary: Henry Gillanders

Provincial Junior Secretary  Contact details:

Connacht :  Currently vacant

Leinster:  Dermot Dineen  0861722138 dermotdineen2@eircom.net

Munster:  Cyril O’Mahony 087 2825820 or cmahony@eircom.net

Ulster:  Kieran Doherty 07954402297 or glensofantrim@hotmail.com

Player Behaviour:

All junior players are required to be familiar with the Conditions and Rules for Juniors Travelling to Tournaments and Events.  A copy of these conditions and rules is available from your provincial junior secretary and can also be downloaded from your provincial website and from www.irishsquash.com. Also see below section on representing Ireland and protocol for parents, guardians and supporters.

Tournament Organization:

Provincial junior opens will be run over either 2 or 3 days as each provincial organization sees appropriate.

The Junior Nationals will be run over three days.

Players and parents should note that when a tournament is played over 2 days that matches will be scheduled for 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday morning to allow for reasonably early finishes on both days.

Tournament Draws:

The standard Swiss 8 or Swiss 16 and where a competition is ‘over-subscribed’ players 7v10 and 8v9 will play off on Friday and the main draw on Saturday will have the 2 winners. The 2 losers will play off against each other.

Entries of 11 and over will result in a 16 draw.


Where a player withdraws from the competition up to the day of the event there will be a redraw but where the withdrawal is on the day of the competition there will be a redraw only where the player is in the top 4. Players should also note that penalties apply for players who withdraw after the draw or who fail to complete the competition.  The bye-laws on late withdrawal can be found on the competition entry page on www.irishsquash.com.

Entry Fees:

The entry fee is payable at the venue before the first match. Entry fees will be €20 (£15stg) per player (€30/£25 for 2 siblings & €40/£30 for 3 siblings). In the case of the two provincial junior opens there will be an Irish Squash subsidy of €10 (£8stg) per player (or 50% for siblings) thereby reducing these entry fees.


Tournaments will be seeded by the junior secretary on the basis of Irish Squash rankings published on www.irishsquash.com. Rankings will be updated after each tournament. Players dissatisfied with their rankings should, in the first instance, communicate through their provincial junior secretaries (listed above).


In line with ESF tournaments the Dunlop Double Yellow ball will continue for all age groups except U11s.

Ranking points:

The points to be earned in this season’s junior tournaments are the same as those in use on the Senior Tour. The extra points for the Junior Nationals do not apply to U19 players.

Players who move up in age group carry 30% of the points already earned at the younger age group.

Event 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Nationals 2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 80 60 40

Opens 1500 1350 1200 1050 900 750 600 450 300 150 125 100 80 60 50 40 30 20

‘Points Rankings’ are used to select players for panels (U19 & U170, and teams (U15 & U13), and will be published on www.irishsquash.com and updated after each tournament. The seeding of tournaments is NOT based on ‘Points Rankings’ but on ‘Irish Rankings’ and these will be done by the Irish Squash Junior Secretary, Henry Gillanders.

Squad Sessions:

The dates for the squad sessions will be published on the Irish Squash website email notification will be sent to the players and their parents. Failure to attend squads may lead to a player not being selected on a team.

The squad sessions are heavily subsidized by Irish Squash by on average 55-60%. The duration of training sessions is estimated and can change at the discretion of the National Coach. There will be no refund of coaching fees in the event that coaching times are changed or reduced.

Schools Competition:

The age rule for these competitions is the same as all other junior competitions and a player must be under the relevant age on the final day of the competition.

Communication between players/parents and Irish Squash:

If you have an issue relating to junior squash please let us know by contacting your provincial junior secretary who will be able to provide you with an explanation or who will be able to follow up your query through the Irish Squash junior committee and the Irish Squash junior secretary. Under no circumstances should any issue be brought to Irish Squash office or the Junior Secretary in the first instance.