Refereeing Code of Conduct

Ulster Squash requires a high standard of professionalism, expertise and conduct from its referees.

The following Code of Conduct should be observed at all times.  Failure to do so may result in action being taken by the Ulster Squash Disciplinary Committee.

1.    Referees must be in good physical condition and have normal or good corrected vision and good hearing.

2.    Referees must have full knowledge of the Rules of Squash and their current and correct interpretation as laid down by the WSF.

3.    When officiating at a tournament referees should always:

*  Arrive in good time to collect information and generally prepare for their session- normally 30 minutes before scheduled start time

*  Liaise continually with the Tournament desk during their period of duty.

*  Be prepared to stay for the whole session for which they have been booked.

4.    Referees should not criticise or attempt to explain calls or decisions by other Referees to anyone other than those Referees directly, the Tournament Referee, or if requested, to either of the players.

5.    Referees shall not participate in a media interview or meeting with a journalist where his/her statements relating to squash refereeing can be broadcast or printed.

6.    It is preferable that Referees do not officiate in any match in which there is a relationship with one of the players which might be considered a conflict of interest so as to cast doubt on his/her impartiality. Not only is a bona fide conflict of interest prohibited, but a mere appearance of such conflict will render an official unsuitable for such an assignment.

7.    Referees must not leave themselves open to criticism by drinking alcohol prior to or in the course of officiating.Referees should conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, and at all times follow procedures which give due regard to Ulster Squash.


The following guideline has been agreed, with the support of PSA & WISPA, to help make play continuous and allow spectators to get fully involved without being requested to keep quiet. It is applicable immediately.

To enable squash spectators to more actively enjoy matches – indeed to encourage them to do so, and to acknowledge that at public venues there will be ambient noise, it has been agreed that the general provisions of Squash Rule 13.1.3 (distraction) will not be applicable for competitive events where crowd interaction and other general noise are present. Players will be expected to carry on and not stop, and referees will not call for quiet in respect of general audience and venue noise.

Exceptions would be where very loud, surprising and isolated distractions occur, but lets will not be given to players who stop playing during a rally except in these exceptional circumstances.