It is with great disappointment that the board of Ulster Squash Ltd must inform you ,that our appeal against the removal of all support funding by Sport NI has been unsuccessful and hence we as members of Ulster Squash are faced with some difficult decisions. Therefore the board wishes to call an EGM to be held at Lisburn Rackets Club on Wednesday 31st May at 7 pm.

As this meeting will essentially decide the future direction of Ulster Squash as an organisation we urgently request that all members attend and that all clubs send at least one representative.  We would also encourage parents of juniors to attend.

Points for consideration:

Ulster Squash Ltd will be formally wound down and all board members will leave their positions as soon as the Ltd company is wound up.

A new organisation needs to be established with a separate constitution , or the existing constitution needs to be modified to reflect the new set-up.

The position of all assets of Ulster Squash Ltd  , financial and otherwise needs to be decided i.e transferred to the new organisation.

The new structure needs to be decided e.g.  – chairman , secretary , treasurer , junior / senior & league/competition committees and members elected into these various roles.

To review the current EBA contract with Belfast City Council , resources , finances , admin and compliance

To agree a fee structure for members and clubs

We need a full and in depth discussion of all relevant issues and for all members to decide what they want from Ulster Squash and what they are prepared to do to contribute to the future success of the organisation.

In view of the above it has been decided not to hold the annual dinner this year and all trophies will be given out at this meeting.

Could all clubs and individuals who won cups last year please bring them to the meeting.  If you are not able to do this please leave trophy into the squash office before 31st May.   Division 1 and Masters trophies are already in the office.


Tony Brown