Representing Ireland

Representing Ireland at any age is the greatest honour that an Irish Squash player can aspire to. It is hoped that more squad sessions and greater interaction between squad members and their coaches throughout the season, will result in greater bonding within Irish teams and generate more team spirit. Every potential team member will be made aware of their responsibilities to their team and country during the squad sessions.

Any player chosen to represent Ireland must adhere to the following rules.

  • All travel arrangements will be made by Irish Squash and all team members will travel together, (except for exceptional circumstances and with agreement of team manager and or National Coach), under supervision of Irish Squash
  • Always wear full Irish Squash official tracksuit while at tournament venue.
  • Always wear correct team attire when playing matches.
  • Where possible give support to team members and those of other Irish teams during their matches.
  • Always show full respect to officials and opponents.
  • Team always dines and socialize together.
  • Teams must attend prize giving ceremonies and be dressed in full official Irish kit
  • Follow all instructions from coaches and team managers


The current Irish selection criteria can be found here