Squash Referees – Tough Job?

1) Watching The Professionals…

With the theme of developing an increased interest in refereeing, this is the first of a new series of video clips exploring the noble art of squash refereeing.

For an example of how even professional referees have a hard time getting it right, we start off with a fascinating video clip taken from the 2011 Men’s Qatar Classic tournament, with Gregory Gaultier (France) playing Tarek Momen (Egypt)

Remember that the professional game now has a three referee system and in this case also supported by a fourth official for video reviews.

So refereeing couldn’t get any better – or could it?

Check out this five minute video, you may laugh or you may just cringe at the chaotic scenes…

Of course refereeing club and league games will now look easy by comparison

Incidentally Gaultier went on the win the match – and the tournament

Check back from time to time for more entertaining and educational video clips

Billy Millar
Refereeing Secretary